Here at Ladle + Press we’re proud to introduce our new range of freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner + snack options for the little people in our lives.  From the very outset we would like to make it clear that we are not claiming to be baby food nutrition experts.


But, what we can assure you of, however, is that we know how to cook good food. As a society our obsession with processed + preservative laden ‘food’ is now showing its ugly consequences. We are on a mission at L+P to get back to the basics + offer food that is healthy + honest + nutritious + delicious. Real food. We hold the firm belief that what we put into our bodies is just. so. important.


So, why not start good food habits from the outset? Why not get little palettes appreciating the good stuff, rather than addicted to the processed, sugary, salty + additive filled stuff? What we put into a little person’s diet has a BIG impact on their behaviour, growth + development, which is why we’re so excited to be offering a range especially for little people: cooked in-store from the freshest ingredients, packaged, pureed + cut to little people size, with all the same goodness + yumminess that big people enjoy + benefit from!  


Our Little L+P range includes an ever changing menu of sweet + savoury dishes, as well as yummy, healthy snacks. We offer two different textures: smooth puree + slightly chunky, depending on where your little person is on their solid food journey.


Our tamper proof packaging is freezer safe + microwave safe (please make sure you eat or freeze your Little L+P by the best before date – remember, there’s no preservatives, it’ll go off if you don’t!)


We hope you + your little person enjoy your Little L+P experience + we look forward to sharing your little persons food journey!

(Of course, don’t forget, there’s plenty here at Ladle + Press for mum + dad too!!)