At Ladle + Press we are proud to work with a variety of local businesses + well being practitioners to bring the L+P vision to life. 


Partners in our As Easy As Pie empire, Empire Pastry is a proud producer of high quality, traditionally made pastry. 

They are passionate supporters of local WA businesses + source the majority of their ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible. Empire Pastry are committed to developing partnerships with local businesses such as Ladle + Press so that they can grow + develop together. 

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Born in Chiriqui, Panama, but now a well known WA Coffee Roaster, Jose Castillo + the Fiebre Coffee team are responsible for the delicious coffee beans that form the basis of so many Ladle + Press products, including our Cold Brew Coffee. 

Using single original beans, sourced directly from farms in Panama, Fiebre's traditional and honest roasting style brings a unique flavour to every cup of Ladle + Press coffee. What's more, each unique blend of Fiebre coffee is named in honour of the families who have tended the plantation farms of the years; a truly unique tribute to those who bring your daily coffee to life. 

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Hayley Heaney is a Perth based Nutritionist and founder of Nutritious Kids.

Nutritious Kids aims to assist families struggling with fussy eating by sharing practical information on children's nutrition via personalised solutions. Ladle + Press is proud to work with Hayley on the Little L+P range of products.

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