At Ladle + Press we are proud to work with a variety of local businesses + well being practitioners to bring the L+P vision to life. 


Partners in our As Easy As Pie concept, Empire Pastry is a proud producer of high quality, traditionally made pastry. 

They are passionate supporters of local WA businesses + source the majority of their ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible. Empire Pastry are committed to developing partnerships with local businesses such as

Ladle + Press so that they can grow + develop together. 

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Chris his team know coffee.  With 3 of his own coffee shops already in Perth he decided to take on the task of buying roasting bean himself.  A number of trips to Melbourne, the coffee capital, has resulted in a traditional roaster brought back to Perth + a supplier of green bean secured.

But more than supply his own stores he saw the potential for supplying other small coffee shops to help them in their endeavours to bring a consistent coffee to their customers

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As we continue to build our supplies of locally produce ingredients our partnership with "Dirty Clean Food" was a natural choice

These guys are all about sustainable farming, care of all animals being farmed, climate control

  It starts with knowing where our food is from making a conscious choice.

They work with a different kind of farm.

Farms with healthy soil that’s teaming with microbes, bugs and worms.

Farms that are more resilient with less need for chemicals + pesticides, sequestering carbon tipping the balance back into our climate’s favour.

Farms that raise animals with care respect, with grazing practices that allow animals to roam free + wide.

Farms that inspire and strengthen communities.

Farms that grow scrumptious, wholesome food for our families + yours. 

Their ingredients, our classic recipes + passion for wholesome honest foods... what more could you ask for?


The Doorstep Grocers is a locally owned + operated fresh produce supplier that delivers boxes of fresh fruit + veggies to the doorsteps of Perth. We aim to cut out the time finding car parks + waiting in lines, so you have more time to do whats important to you. No fruit or veggies that have been sitting in the supermarket for who knows how long. No big faceless companies. Real people, the freshest produce + taking care of our community is what we're all about.

Our collaboration with Lee + his team allows us to expand our delivery circle to include more suburbs in the metro area