Our coffee at Ladle +Press is something special.  Supplied by the artists at Fiebre, this is coffee at its best.  Imported direct from the farm in Panama where Fiebre Coffee's Jose grew up, this single origin bean is considered one of the best.  Roasted to perfection + proudly presented at Ladle + Press.  From Latte to Macchiato + everything in between - enjoy your favourite espresso based coffee made with care by our experienced baristas.  Available take away or dine in.

Our cold press extracts a sublime, smooth brew + is best served on ice.  You can also buy a bag of Fiebre beans at Ladle + Press. Fiebre also supply our cacao + you can buy that in a take home bag too. You're welcome. 

To learn more about Fiebre Coffee, CLICK HERE.


Brewed for centuries its properties + health benefits are only just being understood today.  A slightly effervescent blend of fermented green tea, Kombucha is pro-biotic rich + unrivalled in assisting with gut health + detoxification.  At Ladle + Press we brew our own Kombucha on site, in a range of great flavours that have been blended from our cold press.  Our brews are tasty, refreshing + seriously good for you. 



So, what exactly is cold pressed juice?  It's vitamin + nutrient packed preservative free goodness.  At Ladle + Press our juice is extracted using a machine that 'presses' the fruit + vegetables, as opposed to traditional high speed + high heat machines that can actually destroy the nutrients. Cold pressed juice is smooth, rich + delicious.


Our recipes are not fruit based ie sugar based.


We work on a ratio of between 62% - 70% of vegetables in each of our juices. We always have the fridge stocked with our signature "Greens", "Beets" + "Carrots" juices + there is an endless number of other tasty combinations available to order, pressed while you wait, according to seasonal availability.  


Our menu is always changing with fresh delicious, nutritious, innovative ideas being added all the time + we don't make everything all the time, so you gotta get your favourites while you can.

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