At Ladle + Press you'll find a delicious range of nutritious soups, from traditional favourites to gourmet specialities. 

All are made ‘from scratch’ in store, from the freshest ingredients + proudly preservative free. There are no artificial additives either.  Enjoy your soup now, or later, as all will be available in our handy take home packs, check them out here.


Hearty bowl food that’s full of flavour.  Slow cooked casseroles, ragouts, curries + risottos, all made with fresh stocks + locally sourced ingredients.  This kind of ‘back to basics’ honest goodness in our fresh food just. tastes. better.

Browse our One Pot wonders here.


All of our salads are made from scratch in store, from market fresh, local ingredients.

All of our dressings are also made fresh in store. We pride ourselves on creative, interesting + delicious flavour combinations for our regularly changing salad menu. Salads are available in regular, large + family size - perfect for an individual meal, to share, or for your catering needs. You can add a portion of poached chicken or roast beef, too!Feast your eyes on our range of salads here.


Are you too tired or time poor to spend hours in the kitchen preparing fresh + healthy + delicious +

preservative free meals for your little person? Then let us do it!

Little people everywhere are loving Little L+P, our new range of sweet + savoury dishes especially for little people.

Packaged, pureed or cut to little people size, with all the same goodness + yumminess that big people love about Ladle + Press. 

While we are settling in to our new kitchen, we are not stocking our Little L+P range. 

Stay tuned and we'll be back feeding your little ones soon!


A key ingredient in our L+P Loaves is the leftover pulp from our delicious cold pressed juices. 

Savoury + sweet options are available daily + they’re all proudly processed sugar free, preservative free, full of flavour + deliciously moist.  Perfect served warm or toasted (+ even better with a bit of butter!) Browse our range of muffins and loaves here.


We have an incredible range of sweet treats at Ladle + Press, ranging from deliciously guilt free to the more indulgent.


Our unique range of yummy + healthy goodies that are created using the pulp from our cold pressed juice + the meal from our almond milk are very popular. Our raspberry + beetroot brownie, for example, is made using beetroot juice pulp + whole raspberries + cacao + gluten free flour combined to create a moist chocolate slice.  


Our almond balls are based on a recipe of dates + sultanas + the meal from our almond milk + flavoured with something sweet, but no processed sugars! 


We leave our broth to simmer all night long, extracting every last bit of goodness.

L+P beef or chicken broth is served hot in store + also available in a take home pouch.

Seriously tasty + seriously good for you. Check out our range of broths and soups here.


If you are craving a certain L+P favourite, let us know via the form below so we can get the dish back on the menu.

Send us your menu request


Our menu is always changing with fresh delicious, nutritious, innovative ideas being added all the time + we don't make everything all the time, so you gotta get your favourites while you can.

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