Ladle + Press offers you honest, healthy, delicious + nutritious food.  It’s real, it’s fresh + it’s affordable. 

Coupled with this philosophy on food, our focus is on supporting local suppliers – local business, local farmers, local grocers.  This honesty in the food, the service + the affordable price is something that is difficult to find in today’s market.

Food needs to taste good.  It needs to be made from fresh ingredients.  It needs to be free of preservatives + artificial additives.  It needs to be affordable 
+ it needs to be made with passion.  That’s what you can expect at Ladle + Press.  We’re proud of what we do + we want you to see it.  Everything is prepared fresh onsite.  Our open kitchen means you can see the fresh flavours being produced throughout the day.  The kitchen, the chef + the ingredients are all on view + we welcome you to watch us work.  




We're passionate about positive sustainable practices + support this in our kitchen by consciously minimising waste.


The pulp from our cold pressed juice is used in a number of our signature products, including our deliciously unique L+P loaves + muffins, our beetroot pulp + raspberry chocolate brownie, our breakfast cookies, carrot cake + also in our freshly made stocks.


The meal from our almond milk is used in a number of our recipes, including our almond balls, our gluten free cakes + our much loved frangipane tart.  

Our customers love to recycle our beautiful bottles - we've seen them used for all sorts, from water bottles to storage for home made toilet salts! We will happily take back empty cold pressed juice, kombucha + cold pressed coffee bottles, because we love to recycle too! 


We have assembled an experienced + friendly team, who will provide a superior level of traditional customer service that, sadly, is no longer commonplace.  We’re going back to basics.


Ladle + Press, we think you’ll like it…